AWS Serverless Toolbox

Streamlined tools for your daily developer tasks, so you can ship better products, faster!

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No changes to your AWS account required.

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Navigate your resources.
Insanely fast.

Search across more than 20+ resource types and quickly jump to the AWS console across accounts and regions.


Cloudwatch Logs

Analyze your logs.
Visually pleasing.

Context aware syntax highlighting helps you spot relevant information in your Cloudwatch logs.


DynamoDB Tables

Explore your data.
With ease.

Quickly scan and query your DynamoDB tables and find your data with a full text search.


desktop app

Designed for developers.
By developers.

Lola is a blazingly fast desktop app for macOS, Windows, and Linux. Just install and run - no changes to your AWS account are required.

Our journey

We are two cloud engineers who spent (too) much time in the AWS console over the last couple of years. We are on a journey to improve this experience.


Currently we are in a developer preview to gather valuable feedback from our first users.

  • Full text resource search (Done)
  • Common authentication providers (Done)
  • Cloudwatch Log Viewer (Done)
  • DynamoDB Viewer (Done)
  • Workflows (In Progress)
  • Cognito Admin (planned)

We'd love to hear your thoughts on our plan. Please find more details in our roadmap.