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AWS Cloud Engineering

We offer expertise in solution architecture, along with hands-on support for engineering complex systems on AWS. Our strengths lie especially in event-driven architectures and serverless on AWS.

Featured Project: An event-driven drone file transfer solution.

“They are excellent software engineers and we are extremely happy with the results of the collaboration.”

Luca Gherardi
Head of Engineering at Verity

Internet of Things

We have extensive experience in IoT, including developing cloud backends and data processing pipelines, creating software for device management and over-the-air updates, and developing the core software that powers edge devices.

Featured Project: IoT device update/management platform.

“Their expertise has been essential to the success of our cloud-based IoT project. Their ability to design and develop solutions that scale has greatly contributed to our success.”

Thomas Helbling
Co-CEO at Caru

Web Development

We have many years experience in crafting modern web applications with a focus on robust frontend and backend architectures using a variety of technologies.

Featured Project: Full-stack development for a collaborative learning platform.

“They strike a good balance between maintaining high code standards and being flexible enough to adapt to project needs quickly.”

Christian Cueni
Partner at Iterativ

Desktop Applications

We excel in developing high-performance desktop applications using Qt/QML with PySide and C++. We prioritize efficient, user-friendly interfaces and seamless cross-platform compatibility.

Featured Project: Data Magician, our own passion project.

“Snappy, modern desktop app, those guys are awesome!”

Amir Hajimirsadeghi
Co-Founder at Faliam

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