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window-title Data Exploration

Data Exploration

Uncluttered Data Views.
Intuitively Fast.

Explore data in a sleek table view. Enjoy dynamic sorting, AI filters, and real-time transformations, even on large datasets. Plus, our local caching lets you pick up where you left off.

window-title Unified Data Access

Unified Data Access

One-Click Data Source Integration.
Securely Easy.

Connect to various data sources seamlessly with our streamlined interface. Easily fetch additional, source-specific data for all your tasks as you need it.

window-title EXTRACT & TRANSFORM


Declarative Transformations.
No Code Required.

Tailor your data views and add new columns without any coding by stating what transformations you envision. Easily pull out nested JSON values or simplify complex data.

window-title Collaborate & Share

Collaborate & Share

Team Synergy.
Data Wizardry.

Share data views that empower your team with actionable insights. Export effortlessly to CSV for easy sharing and compatibility.

Our journey

We are two engineers who spent (too) much time juggling a gazillion browser tabs over the last couple of years. We are on a journey to improve this experience.

Meet Lola

Curious about Lola? Our video tells you why we built it and shows off some of its cool features. Enjoy!